Robert Jason


It’s here! Robert's Song Evaluation Service.


Your opportunity to have songs reviewed by a #1 hit songwriter. You’ll get a complete written evaluation within 2 days, for only $35 per song!

Robert has scheduled a Songwriting Workshop for 11-1-2014, to be conducted in Brentwood, TN. Please see our Workshops page for details.

RJP artist Caitlyn Green is presently meeting with folks at Dolly Parton's company regarding possible representation. A sample of Caitlyn's original music can be found on the Listen page. She is most deserving, and so gifted, especially considering she's now only 14 years old, and recorded with us when she was 12!

Our bi-monthly Songwriter's Workshop series at my studio has been a great success. Of benefit to RJP was the fact that several of the participants requested I handle the production of their songs. This was a bit surprising, as I go out of my way to keep the focus on the SONG, not the actual demo. As we like to say around here, "It's all about the song!" The fact that these songwriters want to continue the process with me is very cool indeed. Our next scheduled workshop is 11-1-2014 at 11AM. Please refer

to the brief printed synopsis of the workshop. Hope to see YOU there!

The University of Miami has honored Robert as a "Distinguished Alumnus", and has requested he appear on UM's "Distinguished Alumni Series" as a presenter this coming academic year. The date is being negotiated. "Truthfully, I never thought of myself as distinguished, as I'm a bit rough around the edges!  I'm honored."