Robert Jason


This is not one of those meet and greet the hit songwriter “photo op” gatherings. Robert’s Songwriting Workshop is a four hour, hands on, get it done workshop. All musical styles and experience levels are welcome. Participants songs will be gently critiqued, suggestions offered, choruses fixed, melodies tightened, etc.

In addition, Robert will discuss publishing, pitching, and demoing your songs. This portion alone is worth the price of the workshop.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants, which guarantees all attending an opportunity for personal interaction. You will leave with a much better understanding of what artist, publishers and producers seek when looking for songs. This information is invaluable in today's ultra-competitive music business. We promise an experience like no other!

"So, New Year's morning of 2001, I check my voicemail in case any late "well wishers" had called. To my surprise, the unmistakable voice of Reba McEntire appears.

The following audio clip demonstrates why one should never give up on their songs!    I had pitched "I Like It That Way" to Miss Reba over a year before, and had written it in 1997! I hope this workshop brings you the same success many times over. - Robert Jason

Cost for this unique and uplifting Workshop is just $60, payable via PayPal. Please contact us for alternative payment methods and additional details.

The next scheduled Brentwood, TN workshop is set for February 27, 2016. To assure a spot, we recommend contacting us at least 1 week prior to the Workshop.

Songwriting Workshop

The following quote comes from Rupert Holmes (“The Pina Colada Song”), one of only two people to have won all 5 major entertainment awards (Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Tony awards). He writes:

"Robert, I am really enjoying The Songs of Robert Jason CD. It's in heavy rotation on my computer! You're a great talent. I see from your credentials that some pretty amazing people share my opinion. You’re one of the very best." - Rupert


Now everyone can have an extensive, written song evaluation (critique) of their submitted song(s). All genre's are welcome, from Country to Alternative, Rock to Christian/Inspirational, R&B, Gospel, and perhaps even that certain song that defies description! After multiple "listens" to your song, Robert will write his evaluation, which will then be sent to the songwriter(s) via email. Rest assured this will be a complete and thorough "review" of your song(s), with emphasis on Point Of View, Relevance, Structure, Lyric, Music, Harmony and Rhythmic Elements, and overall "Vibe." He will offer suggestions, possible corrections, and if applicable a link to a reputable, successful publisher so that you can move forward.

The fee for this important and invaluable service is only $35 per song.

This is significantly less than other such services charge, and we promise you a far more intensive and informative evaluation than the usual. No "college interns" here. You'll get it straight from Robert, the truth and nothing but. Isn't that what you really want? A professional songwriter's unbiased opinion, honest and to the point...just like a hit song.

"I urge you take advantage of this opportunity to have your songs reviewed before you spend your hard-earned money on a demo." - Roger Jackson, Songwriter-Artist

Please contact Robert in advance of payment with the number of songs, song title(s), and the best contact phone number and email. He will explain the submission process and some of the most convenient ways to upload your songs.

Song Evaluation Service